Support for Ukraine

March 17, 2022

Advance Giving for Ukrainians

You can help the church in Ukraine provide for those in need. Mel Mushinski, Global Ministries In Mission Together Coordinator, whose area includes Ukraine, provided these resources. Mel also asks for continued prayers. 

UMCOR will assist as possible United Methodists in Ukraine by responding to the needs of internally displaced persons through its International Disaster Response and Recovery (IDR) fund. Gifts to support the people of Ukraine can be made in the following ways: 


Administered by a Crisis Committee in Ukraine to oversee donations. For accountability, weekly reports are made to Ullas Tankler. Although the website does not mention anything about refugees, gifts designated online for this purpose will pass through this account. It is also possible to designate gifts for specific churches, although these funds will be held until such time it is determined that a church is able to carry out its ministry.

Map of United Methodist Churches in Ukraine
Design by the Rev. Mel Mushinski


UMCOR general giving Advance #982450

Any country receiving refugees or the Crises Committee within Ukraine can request funds. Usually, this is done by the administrative entity within each country. It is not possible to designate an online gift for a specific purpose or country. This website does not mention anything about Ukrainian Refugees but rather it is understood that some of these funds will be distributed for that purpose.


Credit card gifts can be accepted by phone. Call toll-free: 888-252-6174 to make your gift. An Advance number is necessary to make a donation to any project.



A check made out to Global Ministries/UMCOR or Advance GCFA. On the memo line write the Advance number. Also, include the name and address of your local church if giving credit is desired by that entity.

Mail to:

Global Ministries/UMCOR,
GPO, P.O. Box 9068, New York, NY, 10087-9068
or given at or through any United Methodist church


The following links are for anyone who wants to target their giving for both a specific country or even a local church within that country assisting refugees. Usually, these gifts are motivated by personal relationships which have been established over many years.

Bulgaria, Advance # 00223A

Czech Republic, Advance #00399A

Estonia, Advance # 00222A

Hungary, Advance #00175A

Latvia, Advance # 22235A

Lithuania, Advance # 12168A

Moldova, There is no UMC church presence in this country.

Poland, Advance #00408A

Romania, Advance #00211A

Russia and Belarus, Advance 11510A

Slovakia, Advance # 00236A


Read more about how Methodists are playing a vital role in offering assistance and aid in  A Church Under Siege.