Tech It Up Computer Upcycling Event

May 10, 2023

By Hollie Butler and  Rev. J.R. Atkins
On April 22, 2023, Earth Day, Tech It Up sponsored a computer recycling and upcycling event at First United Methodist Church of Grand Junction. Local citizens were encouraged to drop off used computers, monitors and accessories to be used in Tech It Up Workshops. Tech It Up is a technology education program designed for children ages 7 to 17. It seeks to provide exposure to informational technologies with a hands-on approach in a fun and uplifting environment. Students disassemble and reassemble used computers during the 6-week course then get to take a working computer home with them.
Tech It Up chose to do an upcycle event on Earth Day and include some of our past students to show them how we do an upcycle event and what it means to care for the earth. Even the parents got involved. The Tech IT Up volunteers helped to sort and test the recycled computers. Through this, they learned what it takes to prepare a donated computer for class.
Students had a blast and their minds were blown by some of the equipment and machines donated. Things they’ve never seen before, like a 30-year-old overhead projector and the inside of a server. We had parents, grandparents, and kiddos there to support and tear down machines. We look forward to doing this every year for Earth Day.