The Global Mission Fellow 2020-2022 Cohort application is now open!

October 30, 2019
Global Mission Fellow Program
Are you a young adult, or do you know a young adult, who is interested in combating the root causes of injustice in the world while living out their faith? This might be the right opportunity for you!

Application Deadlines

Early Access: Dec. 2, 2019 - Applicants who submit by this date will receive an exclusive program resource)

Final Deadline: January 7, 2020

Program Summary

Global Mission Fellows (GMFs) are young adults from all over the world who are commissioned to serve for 24 months. Fellows will serve up to 22 months with an international placement site. The expected start of service is September, concluding 22 months later in June.


ENGAGE with local communities. They are called to do ministry with-- not to or for-- their local partners. Fellows serve alongside churches, community groups, and individuals to address the priorities of people in the community they are serving. They discover ways in which God is already at work. Fellows live simply. As learners and co-laborers, they commit to having the same standard of living as their local partners.

CONNECT the church in mission. They tell stories in local churches about their experiences of God's gracious love.  They advocate for personal social change, and testify about hope in the face of injustice. Connecting the local church with the global church is one big way young adults are making disciples for the transformation of the world.

GROW in personal and social holiness. John Wesley, our Methodist founder, used the terms "personal holiness" and "social holiness" to describe our inward growth in the love of God and neighbor, which in turn leads to outward works of love. Through service and contemplation, Fellows grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Following Jesus' example, they show compassion through presence, word, and deed.

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