The Land officially becomes nonprofit corporation

August 17, 2016
The Land Faith Community recently held a worship service July 9.
Story and photo submitted by the Rev. Stephanie Price
Associate Pastor, Hope UMC & Organizer with The Land project

After spending the past three years just beneath the surface of an undeveloped property in Aurora, Colorado, The Land Faith Community is steadily breaking ground, reaching new milestones and forming new partnerships. This July, The Land was officially incorporated as a nonprofit and celebrated the award of a $2,500 in-kind marketing donation from Rethink Church.

In addition, Regis University has taken The Land on as its "Scope of Work" MBA Class Project which dedicates the attention of six MBA students over the course of eight weeks to continue development on financial management processes and fundraising implementation. Regis University responded to the concept of The Land with enthusiasm, stating that “calling this a church just doesn’t quite do it justice.” Yet, that is just the intent of The Land. To challenge the perception of the institutional church by redefining what discipleship means in the 21st century.

Gathering people together through food, faith, and farming, The Land is an expression of Church in the 21st century — the transformative power of a community seeking to align their everyday actions with their core beliefs. Alongside reaching out to its neighbors, The Land plans to partner with local congregations through summer day camps, youth mission trips, and spiritual gatherings for groups across the Mountain Sky Area beginning as soon as spring of 2018.

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