Trinity District uses Zoom to offer online training for Lay Servant Ministries

September 10, 2018
Susie Henry (Beulah UMC), Gene Haning (facilitator, Monte Vista UMC & Community UMC- Pagosa Springs), Anil Dewan (Wilson UMC - Colorado Springs), Pat & Ed Blasi (Rocky Ford UMC), Lola Spradley (La Veta UMC), Phyllis Sinclair (Las Animas UMC), Cindy Snodgrass (Fowler UMC) and Teresa Brown (SonRise UMC-Pueblo West) in the fourth online session of the Lay Servant Ministries training course Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.
Submitted by Gene Haning
Director of Lay Servant Ministries, Trinity District, Mountain Sky Conference

In the photo above are participants of the fourth online session of the Lay Servant Ministries training course "Discover Your Spiritual Gifts."

The online course was offered as a grand experiment by the Trinity District. This series of online trainings serves as an indicator as to whether people can be brought together for learning and effective fellowship without having to travel. 

“It seems to be working,” said Gene Haning, course facilitator and a District Director of Lay Servant Ministries. “We’re using Zoom video conferencing and, after some technical difficulties, we’ve been able to effectively interact with each other and seem to be developing relationships. We’ve exchanged a lot of information and I hope a lot of learning is happening. We’ll know more after the last session and have had a chance to evaluate everything. Of course the ultimate test will be how well we’re able to discern our Spiritual Gifts and take them into the world to further God’s kingdom.”