Truck for missionary Ken Koome has made a difference in ministry

September 16, 2015
Photo courtesy Ken Koome
Story courtesy Sally McConnell
Missions Coordinator, Yellowstone Conference

Thanks to the generosity of the people of Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Annual Conferences (along with former missionaries that served in Angola), missionary Ken Koome in Angola has a truck! Without you, this would not have happened. In a recent email, he shared this:

"We thought the truck would only be used for carrying building materials, but the first major task I did upon getting it was to heed to an emergency call, where I was called upon to rush a critically sick member of Quessua Church to Malanje hospital. Transportation problems are numerous between Quessua and Malanje. The truck has made possible: transportation for the boys at the boarding house and staff living at Quessua Mission; helping transport a mission team from Florida; deliveries for supplies for the boys orphanage; taking building supplies to work on the Kimbamba Church; and the ability to visit churches to preach and lead seminars. I thank God for your help getting this truck! It makes a BIG difference in my ability to serve."