UMCOR Response to Maui Wildfires

August 17, 2023
Here's how to help: 
1. PRAY.  Be heartfelt and constant in your prayers for the people of Maui--survivors, those who are grieving, those who await news of loved ones, those who are helping and serving, and especially those who are doing the search and recovery (and their search dogs).

2. DONATE MONEY through your local church or the website. Indicate that your gift is for Maui and 100% of your donation will go directly to Maui recovery work.

3.  DO NOT SEND PHYSICAL ITEMS.  The local recovery workers know what they need and how to get it.  Donations of "stuff" slows down the process.

4. DO NOT TRAVEL TO MAUI.  Available housing and other resources are needed for displaced residents.  Trained UMCOR Early Response Teams (ERTs) may be invited at a later date but now is not the time.
We are grateful for our United Methodist connection that opens our hearts to one another in need.  God bless you for your caring, praying and giving!
Pastor Jean Schwien
Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Response Coordinator