Understanding Mountain Sky Conference Mission Shares for 2020: Part 2

September 05, 2019
Table 1: General and Jurisdictional Apportionment
Submitted by the Rev. C. Dennis Shaw
Mountain Sky Conference Council on Finance and Administration

In the Aug. 27 Mountain Sky Conference News, there was an article about 2020 Mission Shares (apportionment). This follow-up article provides more detail on the eight funds that make up the General and Jurisdictional Church Apportionment.

As indicated last week, in 2020 the General and Jurisdictional Apportionments will be separated from the Mountain Sky Conference budget and the Mission Shares calculation. The funding for the 2020 Mountain Sky Conference budget will be done as we are doing it this year, but with the Mission Shares calculation changed from 13 percent to 10 percent of Adjusted Gross Revenue.

The 2020 Mountain Sky Conference budget will support Conference mission and ministries only.

The portion allocated to each local church/charge of the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Apportionment to the Mountain Sky Conference is online.

The allocation to each local church/charge is consistent with its proportion of the amount paid for staff, program, and operations expenses by all Mountain Sky Conference churches. The allocation of the 2020 apportionment is based on 2018 year-end statistics.

There are seven General Church Apportionments and one Jurisdictional Apportionment. The apportionments to the Mountain Sky Conference in 2019 and 2020 are shown in Table 1.  Additionally, the approximate percentage of each apportionment within the Mountain Sky total obligation is shown in the Approximate Percent Column.

When we allocated the number to each local church for its payment for General and Jurisdictional apportionments, the percentages of the eight funds was based on the approximate percent in Table 1.

A short description of each of these apportionments drawn from “The Financial Commitment of The United Methodist Church 2017-2020” is: 
  • World Service: “The World Service Fund is the heart of our collective Church ministry. Through this fund individuals partner with church agencies to be in mission and ministry at home and around the world. World Service ministry truly makes a difference across the globe. World Service is God’s people reaching out in love and compassion in the name of Christ. It represents a call and a challenge to each United Methodist. As The Book of Discipline, 2016 states, the full payment of the World Service Fund is each congregation’s “first benevolent responsibility.” (¶812)”
  • Ministerial Education: “Its mission is to engage the membership of the Church in an effort to equip annual conferences, theological schools, and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) to meet the need for increased resources for the recruitment and education of persons for ordained ministry.” (Editorial Note: 25 percent of the amount we contribute to the Ministerial Education Fund stays in the Mountain Sky Conference.)
  • Episcopal: “The Episcopal Fund, raised in accordance with ¶818.3 (The Book of Discipline, 2016), will provide for the salary and expenses of active bishops from the date of their consecration and for the support of retired bishops and surviving spouses and minor children of deceased bishops.” (Editorial Note: This fund is an important benevolent responsibility by the Conference Council on Finance and Administration for the Mountain Sky Conference.
  • Black College: “The objective of the fund is to provide financial support for institutions of higher education that have historically served the educational needs of black students. This support helps the institutions maintain academic quality and financial stability while limiting individual student tuition costs.”
  • General Administration: “The General Administration Fund (The Book of Discipline, 2016 ¶813) finances general Church activities that are specifically administrative in nature, as contrasted with programmatic, missional, or ecumenical in scope and purpose.” This is the fund that supports General Conferences and the Judicial Council.
  • Africa University: “Africa University’s more than 6,200 alumni have solidified the university’s status as a leadership preparation institution. They are college and seminary presidents, faculty members, district superintendents, communicators, hospital and clinic managers, farmers and agricultural extension workers, and leaders in every walk of life.”
  • Interdenominational Cooperation: “The Interdenominational Cooperation Fund allows The United Methodist Church to partner with Christian sisters and brothers throughout the world to fulfill a shared ecumenical mission. Our relationships with ecumenical partners enable us to witness together while respecting our unique traditions and distinctions and to engage in ministries that foster justice, mercy, and peace in God’s world.”
Our understanding of the Western Jurisdiction fund is: 
  • Western Jurisdiction: The vision of the Western Jurisdiction is to be a home for all God’s people, gathered around a table of reconciliation and transformation, through being multicultural and inclusive, engaged in the life of its communities, with confident, effective lay and clergy leadership who, in diverse ministry settings, form disciples who live out the Good News of Jesus as global citizens.
I encourage all church leaders to become familiar with these funds.  It is the position of the Mountain Sky Conference that it is important to support both the Conference Budget through the income based model, and the General and Jurisdictional Apportionment through the expense based model. The highest level of recognition will go to those churches that support both. 
Please direct questions to me at revdennisshaw@gmail.com or the Conference Treasurer Noreen Keleshian at nkeleshian@mtnskyumc.org or 303-325-7051.