United Methodist Student Day feature: Chase Bertelsen

October 29, 2018
Submitted by Chase Bertelsen
Senior, Rocky Mountain College, Billings, Montana

As a senior at Rocky Mountain College, I will graduate with a degree in health and human performance. Following graduation, I have the opportunity to spend some time back home in Wibaux, Montana in an electrician apprenticeship with Casey Houck Electric. I hope to pursue a career in my field in the future, but I could not turn down the offer with Casey Houck and am grateful for the opportunity. 

The United Methodist Church scholarship helped me pay for college and make it through school without worrying about financial problems. This scholarship helped with every year of college, allowing me to focus on education and athletics. I am very thankful for the finances, as I never had to worry about how to pay for books and different online courses.
I learned so much through general courses, as well as my specialized classes in Health and Human Performances. I will complete my degree with a minor in coaching, with hopes to coach football or basketball someday.

I love It here at Rocky Mountain College, and the people I met will be with me forever. The United Methodist funds helped me enjoy college and receive an education that I will cherish forever.
When back in Wibaux, I will get back to the Wibaux Methodist Church.

Thanks again, and I am very thankful for this scholarship!

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