United Methodists Resond to Disasters

March 16, 2023
By Jim Robison-Cox, MSC Early Response Team Coordinator

We are constantly hearing about disasters. We’ve seen pictures of the floods and heavy snows in California, earthquakes in Turkey/Syria, tornadoes and power outages in central states. Currently our west slope area has heavy snowpack which may melt quickly and cause flooding.  What do United Methodists do to help?
  • We pray for people affected by disasters large and small.
  • We give money through UMCOR and our conference disaster relief fund.
  • We get trained to respond as an Early Response Team.

In 2022 Early Response Teams from Mountain Sky responded to
  • Marshall Fire in Boulder CO
  • Flooding in Fromberg MT
  • Typhoon surge, Hooper Bay AK
  • Hurricane Ian,  Ft Meyers FL
You have an opportunity to join our Early Response Team.  ERTs are people who are specially trained to work with survivors of a disaster.  We go in soon after the emergency crews leave. We muck out flooded homes, sift ashes, tarp damaged roofs, and generally prevent further harm to people and property. If you are at least 18 years old, you can be part of our ERT group by taking a training May 6th in Grand Junction at Crossroads UMC.  This summer we expect to offer trainings in Denver and Salt Lake areas.
Trainees will learn:
  • the basics of disaster response and how our church is involved
  • how to work effectively with survivors and the response team
  • skills to help survivors get back into their homes and begin the recovery process
Lunch and snacks will be provided, and there is no fee for this training.
Please visit the Early Response Team website for more detailed information about the program.  Currently if you click the link to register, you’ll see just the May 6th option, but as other trainings are scheduled, they will be posted there and on the conference calendar.

For questions or to request for a training in your area, please email conference ERT coordinator jim.robisoncox@gmail.com