Updates on Miles-o-Love

October 05, 2021

Miles-o-Love celebrates all the ways those throughout the Mountain Sky Conference have gotten involved. Whether you registered as an individual or as a team we are grateful for your participation. We are thankful for the early birds who registered right away. We are thankful for the latecomers who registered a few weeks after Miles-o-Love has started. We applaud each and every participant and donor no matter when and how they join us!

Please visit our tally board often as we cheer for the teams who are walking, riding, rolling, hiking, and shaping up while shaping mission.


Friendly Competition updated 11-04-2021 

Name Oct. 10 miles Oct. 20 miles Final Tally miles $ Raised
Sparkle Llamas 565 1,005 1,161.4 $450
Team Dawn S     40 $225
Team HUMM 93 209 229 $1,955
Mountain View Green Earth 10 20 30 $100
Three Mountain Magic 38 113 132 $410
Team Sherry F 21 73.75 73.75 $40
The Dang Wild Wyoming Wilderness Prophets of Love and Light!   77.6
97.6 $1,022
Miles for MSCJ 25 98 98 $275
Donations at Large       $3,760
Grand Total     1861.75 miles $8,237

More about Miles-o-Love

Miles-o-Love is the primary fundraiser for foreign and local mission initiatives through the 2021 Annual Conference. This year’s funds will provide grants to local churches for energy audits and energy-saving projects through the Creation Justice Task Force. Plus, we will once again support missionaries and their programs in East Angola.
At 2021 Annual Conference, the miles, the money, the fun will all be added up and announced. Everyone wins in Miles-o- Love, so make the most of it! Remember to share your Miles-o-Love story with us in the coming weeks so we may root for you!