Vital Conversations: Blogging: Speaking Authentically and Maintaining Unity on Jan. 27

January 19, 2021

Please join us for Vital Conversations at 11:30 a.m. MST Wednesday, Jan. 27 as Superintendent Annie Arnoldy welcomes Rev. Jeremy Smith to discuss Blogging: Speaking Authentically and Maintaining Unity. Rev. Smith writes a popular blog called Hacking Christianity. His subscribership is more than 8,000 people across the world. He has maintained this platform over four church appointments and 12 years. His views are not always the same as those of the people he serves, and yet he has found a way to speak authentically and maintain unity. In this conversation, we will explore the history of his blog, his process for writing and researching, and his insights into The UMC for 2021. 

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Rev. Jeremy Smith is a United Methodist Elder serving as Senior Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Seattle, Washington. He blogs about faith, young clergy issues, technology, internet theory, and geeky topics.  

More from the Hacking Christianity blog:
Whether you’re a fellow geek or a Christian looking to open restrictive systems, we’re your source for fresh, fast, and reliable writings on faith, technology, United Methodism, and (obviously) all things geek. Since 2008, Hacking Christianity has used the tenets of hacking to create a hacking hermeneutic, meaning to view Christianity like a computer system that operates well and true, but has some sections of outdated code causing problems for the movement of God’s spirit within it. Hacking Christianity exposes these errors in human interpretation and champions better solutions across various genres. Hacking Christianity began as a United Methodist pastor’s blog (and still is!) and evolved into a clearinghouse for reflections on faith, geek theology, technology, and progressive commentary on The United Methodist Church.

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