Vital Conversations Changes at Anywhere Church: We're going crowd-sourced

January 19, 2021

Changes are happening with MSC’s Anywhere Church – an online collection of worship resources. Beginning this month, we are beginning the transition to a crowd-sourced collection of worship resources and hope to expand the types of offerings beyond sermons and worship songs.

User feedback together with observed download statistics is leading Anywhere Church to be a usable collection of quality worship resources for all churches, with content submitted by you, our users.

As of Jan. 1, we are no longer producing complete turnkey worship services; those currently online will continue to be available. Registered users will now find a downloadable template package that can be used to build worship customized to your local context:

We have also opened up the opportunity for local churches to submit recorded video sermons, and recorded worship songs in audio format. In the coming weeks, a guide for best practices to recording video and audio will be posted for our users, and we want to make other worship resources available, including:

  • Children’s video worship segments;
  • Prayers and liturgies (in printed format);
  • Worship graphics;

The list of potential categories is endless. Anywhere Church is currently accepting sermons and worship songs, with forms to submit additional content currently being developed. All submission forms will help us all honor and adhere to copyright restrictions and other legal requirements. All content submitted will be curated; audio and video quality will be a factor. Additional changes planned for the Anywhere Church website include:

  • Improved search functionality to make it easier to find the content you need; and,
  • The ability to preview sermons and worship songs before downloading the files.

These last two changes will require customized programming and we suspect will take a bit longer to implement.

Anywhere Church is a growing collection of downloadable worship resources available to all local churches in the Mountain Sky Conference at no cost to the local church. If you are not currently an Anywhere Church user, just go to Have your church’s CCLI license number handy when you register.

We hope you will considering sharing your quality worship content to be shared beyond your local setting. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments: