Vital Conversations: Circuit Rewire on October 14, 2021

September 22, 2021
October's Vital Conversation: Circuit Rewire
Thursday, October 14 at 11:30 am (MT)

Clergy and lay Circuit groups originally began as a way to provide opportunities for leaders of local congregations to meet regularly with colleagues for worship, faith development, spiritual formation, mutual support, accountability, peer learning, resource sharing, and more. While these groups have been successful for many throughout the Mountain Sky Conference, recent feedback from clergy and laity alike has shown us that not everyone has felt like they've been able to plug in and connect within these Circuits.

Laity and clergy leaders from across the Conference have met to come up with solutions to meet these concerns. Following these conversations, we've decided to take a chance and re-wire our clergy and lay circuits to increase joy, foster connection, and generate trust among lay and clergy leaders throughout Mountain Sky. 

Court VonLindern will be joining us in their role as Conference Circuit Host to fill us in on this Circuit Rewire and how you can find where you plug in!

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Court VonLindern is the Designer for NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries and Conference Circuit Host. In their role as Circuit Host, they work collaboratively with Circuit leaders and participants to adjust to the evolving Circuit system and help others find where they plug in.