Vital Conversations is on Summer Hiatus

May 27, 2021

Thank you for a wonderful year of Vital Conversations with the Mountain Sky Conference. We are grateful to our faithful hosts, our engaging guests, and each and every participant that joined us at 11:30 am on Wednesday mornings.

The Vital Conversations team will be taking a break this summer to enhance and retool the program. During this hiatus, we will be creating ways to expand the reach of our conversations and brainstorming avenues to enrich our weekly time together. 

While we are on hiatus, we invite you into the Vital Conversations Vault, a repository of links to past Vital Conversations organized by Crossroads topics. By joining the Vital Conversations Vault cohort, you’re also a member of Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads, our overarching community. Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads is the online platform for United Methodist leaders - laity and clergy - to share ministry ideas, network, and support one another's ministries. If you're not already a member, request to join HERE.

You may also view the recordings of previous Vital Conversations on the Mountain Sky Conference Vimeo channel.

We look forward to reconnecting for more Vital Conversations in the Fall of 2021, and in the meantime feel free to write to the team at if you have any questions or needs.