Volunteers assemble nearly 200 kits at Johnstown UMC for UMCOR relief

March 22, 2019
Story and photo submitted by Susan Jordan
Member, United Methodist Church of Johnstown, Colorado

Sixty eager and industrious volunteers, including a dozen youth, gathered at The United Methodist Church of Johnstown, Colorado on March 16 for an UMCOR work day. In record time, the volunteers assembled 34 flood buckets and 155 hygiene kits to be delivered to the UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City, Utah. (UMCOR stands for the United Methodist Committee on Relief.)

The morning began with a welcome and prayer followed by a short program about UMCOR, focusing on a mission trip by the team from UMC Johnstown to Salt Lake in 2017. So great was the enthusiasm following that trip, Johnstown UMC was designated an UMCOR Hub and a storage building was constructed on property for that purpose alone. The morning assembly concluded with a heartfelt group recitation of the Pallet Prayer, and then the work began!

Many supplies were already organized and spread on tables in the church’s fellowship courtyard, while additional materials from the storage building were brought into the church "bucket brigade" style and added to the assembly lines. Volunteers met the needs wherever they arose, and enthusiastically assembled the cleaning and health supplies with laughter and joyful chatter throughout the morning. The 34 flood buckets and 155 hygiene kits were completed in about 40 minutes! The workers paused then for a group photo and a now even more meaningful reciting of the Pallet Prayer.

In true United Methodist fashion, the morning concluded with a potluck luncheon where more fellowship was enjoyed and new friendships created.  Volunteers left feeling grateful for UMCOR and the opportunity it provides for each person to be involved in assisting people in our country and around the world.

Many thanks to the volunteers and financial gifts that came from area churches including Trinity UMC, Loveland; Platteville/Mead UMC; Longs Peak UMC, Longmont; Greeley FUMC; Eaton UMC; Fort Collins FUMC; as well as Johnstown UMC and members of that community who had read about the work day in the local paper. The gathering was also blessed by the work and presence of UMC pastors from churches in Platteville/Mead, Eaton, Greeley and Johnstown.

The UMCOR Pallet Prayer: “Most Gracious and Loving God, we come together to do your work; one item at a time, one kit at a time, one box at a time, one pallet at a time, to serve one person at a time, who is one from the multitude of your children in need across this world. Amen.”