Volunteers needed for flood prevention in La Veta, Colorado

April 23, 2019
Submitted by Rev. Margaret Gillikin
Trinity District Superintendent, Mountain Sky Conference

La Veta United Methodist Church is looking for workers of all skill levels to do short term flood prevention following the 2018 wildfires in the mountains in and around La Veta, Colorado. There are three mountain streams as well as the Cucharas River that need to be cleared of brush and fire debris. Upcoming Spring runoff is not as potentially dangerous as the Monsoon season in July and August. What is needed is workers to wield chainsaws and loppers to take down overgrowth, and also for folks to pick up sticks and other debris in order to clear water channels so that water can flow quickly and efficiently.

St. Andrew UMC youth did great work on March 23! Many of the local volunteers are in their 70s. If you can pick up sticks, you can make a difference! To make arrangements to volunteer, please call Pastor Janine Rose at 970-309-7129 or email jrose@iliff.edu. The next scheduled work days will be Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27.