Volunteers still needed in Wyoming for flood repair

October 23, 2015
Submitted by Bob Stowe
Wyoming Disaster Response Coordinator for Rocky Mountain Conference

The push to get Niobrara County, Wyoming, residents back into their flood-damaged homes has become a reality. Due to the efforts of United Methodist and World Renew recovery teams, more than 20 flood-damaged homes have been repaired to the point where the residents can move back into a safe, secure and warm home. There may be some painting and floor coverings left to be applied, but the homes are now liveable.

Next spring, the houses that were totally destroyed will go through case management and Mennonite Disaster Services has offered to come to Wyoming to rebuild those homes. Repairing and replacing fences in Niobrara County are an ongoing process. If you would like to assist ranchers in Niobrara County in this endeavor, please contact Bob Stowe at either rbstowe@bresnan.net or 307-670-0420.

Just as the Niobrara County flood recovery is winding down, a wildfire two weeks ago destroyed 16 homes in Natrona County, just east of Casper, and affected two other homes. The area has recently been approved for clean-up activities. Many local and out of state volunteers have arrived on the scene to do the clean-up work after this wildfire burned an estimated 10,000 acres. Many out-buildings were destroyed or affected by the fire. We are beginning the recovery work in Natrona County. Sometime down the road there will be opportunities to help in the repair and rebuild of those structures affected from the wildfire.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in any way in these disaster responses.