JustLove Welcoming the Stranger: Motus Theater's UndocuAmerica Project

February 15, 2022
Welcoming the Stranger: Motus Theater's UndocuAmerica Project
Sunday, March 20, 2022, 5:30 - 6:45 pm (MT)

Motus Theater is once again joining JustLove as we share Laura Peniche's Story of Migration with a Reflection on Climate Change and Immigration with Rev. Mark Calhoun, Randy Moorman and musical guest, Teresita Lozano. 

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Laura Peniche is a Motus Theater UndocuAmerica Monologist. Originally from Mexico, Laura Peniche is a writer, director, producer, performer, and community organizer living in Denver, Colorado. She was a producer of the documentary film “Five Dreamers”; Her dream is to continue creating a positive impact in the community through storytelling. Laura currently works with the Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition as Hotline Coordinator, documenting cases for the ICE Incident Report Hotline. She loves mountain hiking, yoga, and playing with her children. Read Laura Peniche’s open letter here.

The Rev. Mark Calhoun is the Wyoming District Superintendent for the Mountain Sky Conference of The United Methodist Church. Calhoun earned his Master of Divinity in 2008 from the Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas and was ordained an elder in 2010 in the legacy Yellowstone Annual Conference. Churches he has served include East Heights UMC in Wichita, KS from 2003 to 2008, Polson UMC in Polson, MT from 2008 to 2012, and Lander UMC from 2012 - 2020.


Randy Moorman is an Arvada City Council Member, a member of Arvada United Methodist Church, and an active member of their Green Team.

Newly elected to the Arvada City Council in Colorado in November 2021, Randy Moorman believes the strength of a community is determined by how residents treat and support each other. He is dedicated to building relationships and creating an environment where everyone’s voice can be heard. Before being elected to Arvada City Council, Randy served on the Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee for five years and gathered community feedback for a variety of issues relating to the City’s infrastructure and environment. Randy also serves on the Mountain Sky Conference Creation Justice Task Force, is a member of Arvada UMC and an active member of their Green Team.


Randy currently works for Eco-Cycle, a recycling non-profit, and serves as a Board of Director for Recycle Colorado. With more than 22 years of experience working in environmental policy, Randy is passionate about developing the circular economy in Colorado, where materials are recycled instead of landfilled and made into new products, creating local jobs.

After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in ecology, Randy left his home state of Indiana. He went to Nicaragua to serve as a United Methodist Missionary, learned Spanish, and worked alongside Nicaraguans to build an eco-tourism operation that provided jobs for local families and a sustainable alternative to deforestation. It was there in the Central American rainforest where he first experienced the power of community in finding long-term social and economic solutions. 

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