What can we do to help those in Texas?

March 01, 2021
Last month most of the United States experienced a record-breaking cold snap.  This weather event was particularly devastating in the state of Texas. The cold caused  massive power outages and failed water systems across the state.  The result was that dozens of Texans lost their lives, millions were without power for days and as of this weekend, 7 million Texans still need to boil tap water before using. In addition, burst pipes have caused untold property damage to homes and businesses.  
With our nation still struggling with the COVID pandemic, this disaster has also increased food insecurity and poverty issues for a growing segment of the population in Texas.  
What can we do as United Methodists in the Mountain Sky Conference to help?
The immediate need is financial support. Food and clean water are needed right now. Repairs and rebuilding will need to be done across the state quickly.  In today’s COVID reality, many families have strained financial resources, so any donations will be appreciated. 
Donations can be made to UMCOR – US Disaster Response:  
or directly to one of the Conferences in Texas.
  While there is not a need immediately for volunteer teams, this may change in the future. Our ERT (Early Response Team) and UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) Coordinators will be monitoring the situation.  If you would like to be trained as an ERT team member or as an UMVIM leader, please contact:

Jim Robison-Cox - Mountain Sky Conference ERT Coordinator
Rev. Kenneth Daniell - Mountain Sky Conference UMVIM Coordinator
Please pray for those impacted by these events, both survivors and responders.
Submitted by: Mike Moore, Disaster Response Coordinator.