Wheatland UMC brings nativity scene to life using local animals

December 10, 2018
Submitted by Kathy Wilson
President, United Methodist Women of Wheatland UMC, Wheatland, WY

Wheatland United Methodist Church participated in the annual Christmas parade in downtown Wheatland, Wyoming, on Dec. 5. Local ranchers were able to gather a cow, donkey, goat and sheep for a live nativity scene, while two church members put together a 'stable' on the courthouse lawn. Volunteer actors completed the scene with donated costumes.

The animals and costumed actors walked the length of the parade with a sign reading "Follow us to Bethlehem." When the parade was over, the group gathered around the stable. The annual lighting of the courthouse drew its annual crowd, then everyone circulated to look at the lights and nativity scene. The live scene - complete with living local animals - was a big hit in Wheatland, to community members both big and small.