Why Mission u Might Be For You!

October 13, 2022

Who Can We Be Together

It's an education study over 4 weeks in February ... help beat those winter doldrums.

Leading into Lent, it could make a great Lenten preparation study.

It's all virtual, you can participate on Zoom; no travel, no expenses.

It can be made into a group study at your local church, home, or fellowship hall. Simply bring your group together in a single location so that you can interact as a group. All you need is a single large screen and a good Internet connection. 

The 2023 Mission u Zoom course is scheduled for consecutive Sundays, from 2-4:30 p.m. on February 5, 12, 19, and 26. "Who Can We Be Together" is a Biblical exploration of Luke 13. Pastor Char Elliott is the study leader. Char is a graduate of the Iliff School of Theology, in Denver, and holds a Master of Arts in Religion. During her ministry, she served as Christian Education Minister at Sunrise UMC in Colorado Springs. She went on to serve in Christian education at Highlands UMC and Washington Park UMC in Denver. 
The study will take us into Jesus' ministry. He displayed frustration and rage at the institutions of His time. As followers of Christ 2000 years later, we experience our own crises, such as exploitation of the environment, racial and gender-based violence, war, famine, and poverty. Together we will explore the range of emotions that Jesus' words bring up in us and learn ways in which we can be proactive in working towards justice for  all. Participants of this course have an opportunity to develop a stronger capacity for Biblical literacy, learning how the parables of Jesus can be viewed through an anti-oppression lens. Together, we can work toward Christ community, using the Isasi-Diaz which speaks to rationality, community, and equity as the basis of God's reign. 
Mission u is an educational arm of United Women in Faith and this study is cooperatively sponsored by UWFaith and the Mountain Sky Mission Team. 
Online registration opens on Monday, October 17 and a printable registration form is also available. 

Please click here to register

If you have questions about participating as a group, or you would like additional information, contact Kathryn Witte, dean of Mission u, at kathrynwitte75@yahoo.com.
The study is free; the book, by Candace Simpson, can be purchased on the Mission u website here or on Amazon. 


Lay Ministry credit can be received for the study by requesting a certificate on the registration form.