Wildfire Mitigation: What You Can Do Now

August 08, 2021
Wildfire Mitigation – What you can do now!
Across the Mountain Sky Conference (and all the western US) wildfires are already active  For most of us, it is not too late to prepare your home (or church!) to mitigate against the damage that a wildfire can cause.

Click on the following links for information on how you can be prepared for a wildfire. 

The first document “How to Prepare for a Wildfire” is a 15-page comprehensive guide from FEMA on wildfire preparedness.  This is an excellent detailed guide on how to prepare you, your household, and your property for a wildfire.  It was part of the FEMA “Ready Now” program. 

The second document “Preparing Homes for Wildfire” is a one-page overview from the National Fire Protection Association focused on steps to take to protect your home and land from a wildfire. 

Be prepared! 
Submitted by Mike Moore, Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Response Coordinator