Youth invited to immersion, service trip to Northern Cheyenne community

March 28, 2016
Photo courtesy Simon Berry
Submitted by Laurie Day
Assistant Director of Mission & Ministry

The Rocky Mountain Conference is planning a conference-wide youth education and service project to the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in the summer of 2017. Youth from throughout the conference will learn from Northern Cheyenne youth about life on a reservation, history, and the meaning of cultural practices while working together on service projects throughout the reservation. These projects are part of the Community Fire Protection partnership with the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana. For more information or to express interest in participating, please email Andy Millman at

More opportunities for families and adults to participate in education, immersion and service projects are also being developed. These projects will offer diverse activities to fit the varied needs and abilities of multiple generations. To learn more about ways you or a church group could participate, please email Laurie Day at

This year’s Native American Ministries Sunday offering on April 10 will help support the education, immersion, and service projects with the Community Fire Protection partnership, as well as the United Methodist Church’s work with Native Americans. Additional donations to support the Community Fire Protection project can be sent to the Rocky Mountain Conference designated for “Northern Cheyenne Fire Protection”. Thank you for your support and generosity!
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