Zion United Methodist Fellowship remembers ministry at closing worship

October 26, 2015
Story and photo submitted by the Rev. Dr. Melanie Rosa
District Superintendent, Mile High Pikes Peak

On Friday Oct. 23, 16 people gathered for the final closing worship service of Zion United Methodist Fellowship in Colorado Springs. This Fellowship was started by the Western Jurisdiction Korean Mission and has played an important role in this community for decades. In recent years the fellowship has dwindled, and the leaders decided it was time to disband the congregation.

Closing a church is Holy work, and not something to be taken lightly. In disbanding the congregation, we gave thanks to God for the administration of God’s word and sacraments, Christian fellowship and education, mission and discipleship. We remembered the people who had been inspired and transformed in this sacred space. And we affirmed that in death there is new life, in endings there are unforeseen beginnings. God is faithful in all things.