Zoom groups forming for MSC retired clergy and clergy on leave of absence (various forms)

July 07, 2020
Social distancing required by the COVID-19 Pandemic has shed light on the need for retired pastors, as well as for clergy on various forms of leave, to connect for support, nurture and growth. Four Zoom group options have begun and more will be formed as interest grows.

Retired clergy or clergy on various forms of leave who are officially either members of the Mountain Sky Conference (wherever you currently live or serve), or members of other United Methodist conferences who now live within the boundaries of Mountain Sky are welcomed to join one of these groups (note that one is geared just for pastors in interim ministries): 
  1. A bi-weekly (twice a month) Zoom group primarily committed to building and nurturing relationships.  If interested, contact the coordinator, Rev. Nancy Mead, email:  nancmead1@earthlink.net, or cell phone: (719) 496-7064.

  2. A monthly Zoom group primarily committed to building and nurturing relationships.  If interested, contact one of two coordinators, Rev. Handi Jo Dolloff-Holt, email: revhandijo@gmail.com, or cell phone: (719) 629-8342; or Rev. Bill Selby, email: integrity4u@comcast.net, or cell phone: (303) 521-3850.

  3. A quarterly Zoom group primarily committed to focused conversation on global issues and/or the future of the United Methodist Church.  If interested, please contact the coordinator, Rev. Linda Marshall, email:  grateful5280@gmail.com, or cell phone: (303) 908-9014.

  4. A monthly interim ministry Zoom group specifically committed to build and nurture retired clergy trained and/or serving in intentional interim ministry.   If interested, please contact the coordinator, Rev. Pat Johnson, email: patjohns626@yahoo.com, or cell phone: (303) 870-2685.

Please express your interest (by email, text or phone call) to the coordinator(s) of your interest area (or areas) right away so that Nancy, Handi Jo and Bill, Linda, and Pat can involve you in a group.  Please provide both an email and a primary phone contact.  They will be glad to hear from you!

The groups will set their own covenants, though the coordinators are suggesting that groups be limited to ten participants.  Groups exceeding ten in interest will split into two or more groups with an additional convener.  We hope that these groups will grow and, toward that end, would invite you to spread the word with other clergy whom you think might be interested and fall within the cohort we are seeking to reach (defined in the first paragraph). 

On behalf of the task team, we look forward to your response and starting these groups!  For general questions about these opportunities for connection, contact Steve Burnett via email: steve51burnett@msn.com, or cell phone: (719) 493-2863.