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NextGen & Inclusiveness Ministries

NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries works with our Young People's ministries to reach 14-25 year-old young people throughout the Mountain Sky Conference as a guide, mentor, advocate, and educator with and for a United Methodist Church that is fully inclusive of those who are LGBTQIAP+.


Are you, your congregation, youth group, or campus ministry interested in learning more about how to be inclusive to those who are LGBTQIAP+? Please reach out to our Designer of NextGen & Inclusiveness Ministries at to schedule a conversation or group training.

Upcoming Events:

Devoted with PRIDE: June 2021 Devotional Series


June is celebrated as Pride month for the 2SLGBTQ+ community and their allies. Celebrate pride this year through daily devotions created by clergy and laity throughout the Mountain Sky Conference. “Devoted with PRIDE,” these devotions offer a rich diversity of perspectives for how our faith can call us into better allyship and relationship with 2SLGBTQ+ folks in our midst. You can register at to receive these devotions in your e-mail inbox throughout the month of June. These devotions will also be included on the Mountain Sky Ministry Crossroads as a Workshop. After joining the network (which you can do by clicking here), you can join the “Devoted with PRIDE June 2021” workshop to interact with others as you engage with each daily devotion. There will be a community debrief session hosted by Court VonLindern on June 27th at 7pm MST on Zoom. Details will be emailed closer to the event date.

View the archive of these devotionals here.




Confused about pronouns? Looking for LGBTQ+ organizations to connect with in your area? Trying to discover more tips and tools to make sure your ministry is inclusive of LGBTQ+ people? Visit our resources page here to continue on your journey!


Camping season is JUST around the corner! Are you and your camp staff prepared to support LGBTQ+ campers? Whether you're feeling confident, or new to LGBTQ+ allyship, reach out to Court VonLindern at to schedule a consultation and training for your camp staff today!

Reconciling Ministries

Reconciling ministries are ministries who are committed to full inclusion of those who are LGBTQ+. You can learn more about the Reconciling Ministries Network by clicking here. For a list of Reconciling communities throughout the Mountain Sky Conference, click here.

PODCAST: Mountain Sky Prophets

Mountain Sky Prophets is a podcast that is centered on the voices of young people and what they  want out of church and youth ministry. Hosted by Amanda Daniell and Courtney VonLindern. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts!

Listen to Episode  9:


Mountain Sky Prophets will return fall 2021!


Conference Contact

  Courtney VonLindern (they/them/theirs)

  Designer of NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries