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NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries works with our Young People's ministries to reach 14-25 year-old young people throughout the Mountain Sky Conference as a guide, mentor, advocate, and educator with and for a United Methodist Church that is fully inclusive of those who are LGBTQIAP+.

Are you, your congregation, youth group, or campus ministry interested in learning more about how to be inclusive to those who are LGBTQIAP+? Please reach out to our Designer of NextGen & Inclusiveness Ministries at to schedule a conversation or group training. Examples of trainings we provide include "Trans 101: Celebrating Gender Diversity in God's Creation" and "Beyond Welcome: Engaging in LGBTQIAP+ Inclusive Ministry."

Upcoming Events:

Introduction to Gender Inclusive Housing

Thursday, March 23rd at 6:00pm-7:30pm MST via Zoom

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Are you a leader or volunteer involved in youth or camping ministry wondering how you can support transgender and nonbinary youth at your camps and youth retreats? You’re invited to attend “Introduction to Gender Inclusive Housing” in collaboration with Transplaining for Camps! This workshop will take place on Thursday, March 23rd, at 6:00pm-7:30pm MST on Zoom. We’ll be welcoming Chris Rehs-Dupin as he shares some of the benefits of gender inclusive housing options, talks through typical gender inclusive housing models, and shares best practices surrounding privacy for campers of all genders. We will talk through some of the myths presented that often act as counter arguments for gender inclusive housing, and talk a little bit about how to communicate your gender inclusive housing practices to members of your community and caregivers.

Join us on Thursday, March 23rd at 6:00pm-7:30pm MST and support all youth at your camps and youth retreats!

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Contact Court at with any questions.

Meet our guest, Chris Rehs-Dupin

Chris Rehs-Dupin is the Founder of Transplaining for Camps, and the current Executive Director of Camp Reimagined, which is located in Huguenot, NY. Camp Reimagined is exploring pathways to a world where every child is loved and supported through socially and racially just camp environments, that are built with youth at the center. Transplaining for Camps is working to create a safe(r) world for trans* youth and adults through training, community conversations and as much empathy as we can safely exert.

With a patterned shirt collection bigger than a costume closet, Chris uses humor, storytelling, and a theater background to ignite people into action. Chris meets people where they are and educates with empathy, not shame. He brings seventeen years of combination day/overnight camp experience and a passion for helping others be their best selves & make their biggest impact. Through Transplaining for Camps, Chris has helped hundreds of camps create broader belonging for campers and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What books do I need to purchase for this study?

You will need to purchase the following texts: 

“How to Understand Your Gender: A practical guide for exploring who you are” by Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John Barker

“Transfigured: A 40-day journey through scripture for genderqueer and transgender people” by Suzanne DeWitt Hall (this text is optional, but strongly recommended for the study)

A limited number of copies of “How to Understand Your Gender” will be provided for participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participants are encouraged to purchase their book through a local bookstore. To find a bookstore near you, visit . You may also purchase a text through other sellers such as Bookshop (visit here), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other retailers.

The book study is online, but there is a group of us who want to meet in person. Can we Zoom in together?

Yes, you are welcome to take the study with an in-person group and Zoom in from one room together. You will be your own breakout group during small group sessions on Zoom. Please note however that individuals Zooming in on their own will be prioritized in the large group session. If you plan to Zoom in as a group, please ask your local church to assist in the purchase of materials before seeking assistance from NextGen & Inclusiveness Ministries.

I’m not transgender, genderqueer, or of another LGBTIQA+ identity. Can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, you’re even more encouraged to participate, as this is a brave and safe(r) space to learn about and explore the wilderness of gender. I hope this can be a valuable experience for you that can deepen your relationship to yourself and who God has called you to be!

Is this study open to youth under the age of 18?

Due to the class make up and some of the materials, this study is not available to those under the age of 18 without parental consent. However, you are invited to join us on the Mountain Sky Youth Discord for a daily devotional and reflection through “Transfigured” by Suzanne DeWitt Hall. Email Court at for more information.

What accessibility and accommodations are provided for this study?

Auto-generated live captions will be used and available for all zoom sessions. The facilitator also reads everything shared in the chat and all content shared on slideshows out loud during class. The facilitator will also make all materials used on Zoom available on Google Classroom.

The facilitator intentionally offers 1-2 breaks per session and leaves time for a lot of questions.

The facilitator seeks to use content warnings in the space, and participants are encouraged to inform the facilitator if they need to opt out fo something based on potential triggers.

The facilitator also encourages participants to choose their own comfort in leaving their screen/video on or off throughout the session.

What would make this space as accessible as possible for you? If there is an accommodation or accessibility need you want to share with the facilitator, contact Court at

Trans* Day of Visibility Parents Panel

March 30th @ 6:30pm-7:30pm MST

More youth and young people belonging to Gen Z– people born 1996 to 2012– are identifying as LGBT than generations before. This includes the number of people being transgender, meaning their gender identity doesn’t match the gender that was assigned to them at birth. As trans youth and young people become more visible in our communities, you may be asking: ‘How can I best support, love, and affirm a trans child in my life?” The good news is, you’re not alone. Join us on March 30th at 6:30pm-7:30pm MST for a conversation with parents to trans youth across the Mountain Sky Conference as we explore the joys of loving and raising a trans child in today’s world. This conversation will be broadcast on Facebook Live through the Mountain Sky Conference Facebook Page.

You can also click here to register for the Zoom session.

This conversation is taking place in honor of Trans* Day of Visibility. TDOV Takes place each year on March 31st to recognize, honor, and celebrate the accomplishments of transgender people. You can learn more about TDOV and find ways to celebrate in your communities through the resources below:

Trans Mission Ministry Collective Resources for Pastors and Ministry Professionals

Liturgy for and from the LGBTQ Community from enfleshed

For questions, email Court at


Confused about pronouns? Looking for LGBTQ+ organizations to connect with in your area? Trying to discover more tips and tools to make sure your ministry is inclusive of LGBTQ+ people? Visit our resources page here to continue on your journey!

Reconciling Ministries

Reconciling ministries are ministries who are committed to full inclusion of those who are LGBTQ+. You can learn more about the Reconciling Ministries Network by clicking here. For a list of Reconciling communities throughout the Mountain Sky Conference, click here.

PODCAST: Mountain Sky Prophets

Mountain Sky Prophets is a podcast that is centered on the voices of young people and what they  want out of church and youth ministry. Hosted by Amanda Daniell and Courtney VonLindern. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts!

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Mountain Sky Prophets will return in 2022!

Conference Contact

  Courtney VonLindern (they/them/theirs)
  Designer of NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries