Nominations for 2022 Conference Lay Leader Election

 Nominations for 2022 Conference Lay Leader

We have one piece of business with which to deal at the October 21 Laity Meeting at Annual Conference – and that is Nominations for the Mountain Sky Conference Lay Leader for the 2022-2026 “Quadrennium”. The number of co-lay leaders for the Mountain Sky Conference Board of Laity is three. The number of positions open in 2022 is one.

The procedures for laity elections were developed and used for the 2020 election, at which we elected two of the three co-lay leaders. When conference lay leaders are elected the same year as General Conference is [scheduled to be] held, two people are elected. When the election is held two years into that particular quadrennium (hence, a staggered election system), the remaining position is filled.

The Rules regarding Lay Leaders are found in C400 and C401 of the Journal. Pertinent points are:

Our lay leaders are elected At Large, meaning from the entire conference; geographic areas are NOT to be considered in voting for our leaders. Our District (and Sub-District) Lay Leaders [and possibly circuit leaders] already represent the geography of the conference.

Terms for Lay Leaders are four years, with the option of re-election for a second term. Gayla Jo Slauson will be finishing her fourth year by AC 2022, and regardless of whether she chooses to run for a second term, or not, there must be an election. The other two lay leaders, Nancy Flint and Barry Welliver will finish their first four-year term in 2024.

There are two paths for Nominations for Lay Leaders: one is that nominations will be accepted THIS YEAR (October 21) at Annual Conference. There will be forms available [in some manner, TBD] for anyone wishing to make a nomination. We will have specific information for you by October 21. Incidentally, a person may be nominated by someone else or may self-nominate.

The second path for nominations is in the spring of 2022. It is an online process for Self-Nomination AND for those who were nominated at AC who wish to continue the election process. The Candidacy Form will be posted online by February 15, 2022. Everyone interested in becoming a lay leader must fill out the Candidacy Form and return/post it [to a designated authority to be identified soon] by April 10, 2022.

The purpose of this mailing is to educate as many laity as possible about the upcoming election, and to have people thinking about who might be a good candidate for this Lay Leader position. We missed an opportunity to announce the election at District Gatherings this past spring. Yet it is advisable to be nominated at AC, because these identified people will have opportunities to become acquainted with the Board of Lay Ministry during the fall, winter, and spring preceding the election.

Please share this information with local lay leaders and active congregation members, and especially with those who will be attending the all online 2021 Annual Conference. Help us find capable laity to serve at the conference level!

Please refer to the attachments below for the Official Policies, Procedures, and job description.


Lay Leader Elections Official Policies and Procedures