Online Bookstore

The United Methodist Publishing House/Cokesbury is eager to find ways to express our support for ministries across your annual conference. While we will not be present with an on-site display, we want to offer a collection of offers and resources and we hope you will share these opportunities with the attendees. 

Cokesbury will extend the following offers to the clergy, lay members, and visitors at your annual conference sessions:

  • Free Adult Bible Studies Starter Bundle, worth over $100, with leader guide, commentary and six participant books. Available to those new to ABS or those who haven’t purchased ABS since June 2021.

  • In addition to everyday pricing, take $10 off a $100 Purchase during annual conference. Simply visit and use code AC2022

You may reach out to Trisha Biggs (615-749-6629) who will be more than happy to discuss arrangements that best fit your needs and expectations.

We appreciate the special circumstances that will make your sessions challenging this year and trust that the opportunity to gather once again will cause all to sing as one, “bless be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.”