Online Giving

There are many ways to give during Annual Conference. The recipients will be announced throughout the worship services and during the Mission Celebration. You can donate to any or all of the recipients here, or by scanning our code found below

We have Text to Give now!!!!

Please use these codes for each giving session:

OPE        Opening Worship

TUG       Tug of Love

LAI         Laity Session

CLE        Clergy Session

MEM     Memorial Service

ORD       Ordination Service

The proper procedure is to enter the dollar amount space code.  For example, if you want to donate $10 to Tug of Love, enter 10 TUG

Any giving that does not have a code will be directed to Tonga Disaster Relief.

Thank you for donations and blessings both in spirit and in the physical. We are so grateful to be able to commune together with one another.