Parameters for Circuits

Mountain Sky Circuits: An Invitation to Lead

(Edited Fall 2021)


What is a MSC Circuit Group?

  A MSC Circuit group is an intentional group made up of clergy and/or lay leaders exploring various topics and subjects of interest. MSC Circuit Groups are inspired by John Wesley’s band meetings.


  The purpose of circuits is to provide opportunities for lay and clergy leaders of local congregations to meet regularly with colleagues for worship, faith development, spiritual formation, mutual support, accountability, peer learning, resource sharing, mission strategy, and experimental collaboration. Circuits are strongly supported by the leadership of MSC and are required for clergy. 


What do I need to start a MSC Circuit Group?

It doesn’t take much to start a MSC Circuit Group! All you really need is:

  • A bit of time (4 hours per month)
  • An idea
  • People (4-8 or more!)

For more information about the nitty gritty details, please see the Circuit Leader Job Description. It will answer more of these questions! 


You might also find that patience, a sense of humor, and a spirit of adaptability will come in handy for forming and leading these groups!


How can I form a MSC Circuit Group?

You should first decide:

Am I designing a new Circuit group? 

Am I wanting to plug in as a leader with a Circuit group someone else is planning?


If designing a new Circuit group, then ask:

  • Is my group for clergy, laity, or both?
  • Am I open to people registering for my Circuit who I do not know?
  • Who are 4-6 people I will invite to join my group?

Tip: Even if you think someone in your network might not be interested, add them to your contact list anyway...their answer could surprise you!


What do I want to do in my group? (see questions below for guidance)

Questions to ask yourself to determine whether my idea fits the Circuit Group model:

  1. Is my idea centered around joyfully and intentionally connecting members of the Body of Christ with God and with one another? 

  2. Will my group invite joy, connection, and trust among lay and clergy leaders in the Mountain Sky Annual Conference?

  3. Will my group be able to commit to meeting for 20-30 hours over the course of a year?


  Once you have worked through this process, communicate your ideas, goals, hopes, and plans with Court VonLindern, our Conference Circuit Host. Court will work with you from there to make the magic happen! 


Thank you for considering being a part of our Circuits ReWire. We are looking forward to a great year together! 


Court VonLindern

Pronouns: they/them/theirs (why pronouns matter)

MSC Circuit Host

C: 303-226-0786 | Ext: 171

Mountain Sky Conference

P.O. Box 462200

Centennial, CO 80015