Pastor Neto Viera Zua

Pastor Neto Viera Zua serves the Church Daniel Zandango UMC.

I am a small scale farmer and am Blessed with seven Children. I joined the ministry in 2019. I have 60 active members in my church, all are peasant farmers. The supplemental salary has helped me increase my farming activities. I have managed to buy 5 hectares of land to add to the 3 I had before, which together with my wife we are growing food crops on and keeping goats and sheep. Income from the farm has enabled me to support my children with educational, medical and other basic needs. I have also managed to move my family from the village to a nearby village town to be closer to school and a health center. We are able to support the Church and emergency needs of our members from our income. My wife supervises the farm when I am attending to my church duties. I am thankful to God because he has continued to protect us from the wrath of COVID 19.


My message to our supporting friends is “Your generosity is not in vain. Receive tenfold from the almighty God."