Pastor Nsango Alberto

Pastor Nsango Alberto serves the Church in Cafunfo

I am a nurse by profession. I am blessed with seven children.

I joined the ministry in 2019. I have 120 active members in my church. All of them are peasant farmers and can barely support the pastor. I am very thankful to God and the people supporting us with supplemental salary. Their support has helped me open up a small pharmacy shop in the village where I serve. The nearest medical post is about 75 kilometers away; hence, my pharmacy has been helpful to the community. I am able to meet educational, medical and other needs for my family without much strain. I have also been motivated to focus more on my ministry and support the very needy, especially the elderly in my church with basic needs from time to time. I praise God because I have not had any member affected by COVID 19 so far. I send a message to our friends supporting us, “May the good Lord richly bless you always.”