Pathways Team

Graphic for MSC Pathways TeamPathways Team Overview

The Mountain Sky Annual Conference of 2019 passed petition MSC-09 titled, “Moving Towards God’s Good Future.” That petition instructed the Mountain Sky Conference Roundtable to create a team whose purpose is to assist the conference in moving forward into God’s good future following the special called session of General Conference in February 2019.

One assignment to the newly formed team, named Pathways Team, is to host listening sessions across the conference. The Conference Roundtable, General and Jurisdictional Conference delegation, and Pathways Team have been collaborating to make that possible.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Click here for a PDF chart explaining several of the plans submitted for consideration at GC 2020


Pathways Team Members

Marv Vose, chair (clergy, Utah/WestCO)
Barry Welliver (laity, Utah/WestCO)
Calvin Hill (clergy, Montana West)
Melanie Rosa  (clergy, Peaks/Pikes Peak)
Doug Palmer  (laity, Peaks/Pikes Peak)
Jasper Peters (clergy, Mile High Metro)
Pat Callbeck Harper (laity, Montana West)
Mark Feldmeir  (clergy, Mile High Metro)
Melissa Martin (laity, Wyoming)
Wendy Ochs (clergy, Montana East)
Chris Frasier (laity, Trinity)
Pat Lewis (clergy, Utah/WesCO)
Rich Marsh (chancellor)
Ashley Hawkins (clergy, Montana West)
JR Casner (laity, Mile High Metro)
Patrick Bell (clergy, Wyoming)
Chesie Lee (laity, Wyoming)

Do you need to contact the Pathways Team? Use this online contact form.

Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions are now scheduled in churches across the conference. Additional Focus Sessions may also be scheduled as host churches express their interest and availability. The sessions will be led by leaders knowledgeable of General Conference issues. You are invited to come and share your hopes and dreams for the future of the church. You will also have an opportunity to focus on the pathways to make that future a reality. Your responses will be collected, summarized, and shared with the Bishop, Cabinet, Roundtable, Pathways Team, and entire conference. The Pathways Team will use the hopes and dreams you share during these sessions to determine what it needs to do to further assist the conference in moving into God’s good future.

Below is a list of upcoming dates and locations for Focus Sessions:

District Date Time Location Contact

View the Mountain Sky Conference calendar to find more dates. 

Quarterly Reports

The Pathways Team will provide reports on a quarterly basis of their activities and progress. Click the links below to read them:

November 2019

Focus Sessions Preliminary Report December 2019

Focus Group Sessions Final Report February 2020