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Peer Preaching Group

This year, the Mountain Sky Conference will have a Peer Preaching Group. This inaugural group will be convened by the Rev. Kent Ingram. Dr. Wes Allen of Perkins School of Theology will train Ingram, who will in turn moderate and guide the Peer Preaching Group. 

This Peer Preaching Group is part of The Perkins Center for Preaching Excellence at SMU.  Preaching Excellence at SMU, now in its fourth year, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Christian preaching in local congregations through mentoring programs, continuing education events, and the formation of preaching peer groups. Over the past four years the Center has launched peer groups in Arkansas, Central Texas, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and the Great Plains Conferences of the United Methodist Church. Groups are composed of 10-12 members who meet for a year around a curriculum focused on narrative as a vehicle for sharing the gospel, with the motto, “Share the Story, Shape the World.” 

Each group has a local convener, a pastor with a reputation as a gifted communicator and skills for small group leadership. The convener keeps the group organized and convenes each session. Sessions include discussion of a reading followed by viewing sermons by group members with constructive feedback guided by a rubric developed by Drs. McKenzie and Allen. In addition to the convener, each group also has a homiletical consultant, a preaching professor who offers several webinars for the group during their year together. The reading plan for a group includes writings by their homiletical consultant. Each homiletical consultant works with two groups, which cuts the cost for their remuneration by an Annual Conference in half.

2018 Group Members:

  • Kent Ingram - Convener and Coordinator, First United Methodist Church of Colorado Springs, CO
  • Wes Allen - Perkins School of Theology Scholar and Resource
  • Leslie Wood, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Tiffany Keith, First United Methodist Church of Colorado Springs, CO
  • Lynn  Miller Jackson, Scott United Methodist Church, Denver, CO
  • Claire McNulty Drewes, Hope United Methodist Church, Greenwood Village, CO
  • Michele Kaminsky, Applewood Valley United Methodist Church, Golden, CO
  • Susan Otey, First United Methodist Church of Golden, CO
  • Leah Coleman, Simpson United Methodist Church, Arvada, CO
  • Chris Carr, Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church, Englewood, CO


If you would like more information, email Kent Ingram at