Rules, Petitions, & Constitutional Amendments

2017 AC Consent Calendar

2017 Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Consent Calendar (the Consent Calendar was approved on Saturday, June 17)


Annual Conference Standing Rules and Operational Procedures

Rules of the Conference


These are the petitions that will be voted on during Annual Conference.

AC01 - Health Insurance Programs and Funding

AC02 - District Superintendent, Director of Mission and Ministry, and Treasurer / Benefits Officer / Director of Support Services Funding

AC03 - 2018 Minimum and Equitable Compensation

AC04 - Clergy Ethics and Sexual Misconduct Training

AC05 - Conference Safe Sanctuary Standards (Note: This is the most updated version of AC05 as of 6/12/17)


AC11 - Standing United and Embracing Our Differences

AC12 - One Year Study Group to Assess the Impact of Clergy and Seminarian Debt and Make Recommendations to the Rocky Mountain 2018 Annual Conference

AC13 - Closure of Mesa United Methodist Church

AC14 - Closure of James Memorial United Methodist Church


AC21 - Delegate Elections for 2019 Called General Conference

AC22 - Study the Effects of Rolling Back Tithe Plus Mission to 10%

AC23 - Recording the Total Financial Cost of Annual Conference to the Local Church 

Legislative Committees

Every delegate is encouraged to attend their assigned legislative committee session to increase understanding and knowledge about how the church functions. There will be three Legislative Committees, A, B, and C, and each person’s committee assignment will be on their name badge. Some of our petitions will be handled during plenary sessions as well. Paper copies of the petitions will not be provided during legislative sessions; please arrange to bring your own paper or electronic copies.

Legislative Committee Assignments

Constitutional Amendments

At the 2016 session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church held in Portland, Oregon, these five Constitutional Amendments were adopted and now are coming to the annual conferences around the world for their ratification. They can be found here.