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Family of Rev. Beauford James George, Jr. (Jim)

January 15, 2021

Prayers are requested for the family of the Rev. Beauford James George, Jr. (Jim), who passed away Jan. 9. He served in the legacy Rocky Mountain Conference in pastoral care at Castle Rocky United Methodist Church and as a chaplain at several medical centers in Colorado. George taught Criminal Law and Procedure at the University of Michigan Law School and the New York Law School in Manhattan. He was a visiting professor at Kyoto University and taught law at the University of Tokyo. In 1996, Jim received an award from the Japanese government for his service.

After retirement, George decided to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a Methodist minister. He was ordained by the Greater New Jersey annual Conference in 1994 and served several churches in New Jersey. After moving to Colorado, he was involved in pastoral care at Castle Rock UMC and volunteered as a chaplain at several areas medical centers. For his generous service at Sky Ridge Medical Center, George was nominated by the staff for the Humanitarian Award and became first runner-up nationally.