Prayer Requests

Passing of Betty Youngblood
July 27, 2021

Betty Youngblood, widow of retired clergyperson Bill Youngblood, passed away June 26, 2021. Condolences can be sent to Lane Youngblood at

Passing of Jerome Bechtle
July 27, 2021

Jerome K Bechtle passed away peacefully at home in Whitefish, MT surrounded by his family. He served in Special Ministries in Chemical Dependency Counseling before moving to Montana in 1984 to serve the Bozeman United ...

Passing of Connie Cranston
July 14, 2021

Remembering today our Mountain Sky United Methodist Church colleague, Pastor Connie Cranston, ret. She received her Masters Degree in social work from University Denver Graduate School of Social Work. She then practiced ...

Passing of Donna Hite
July 14, 2021

Donna Hite died Friday morning, July 9, 2021. She was a member of Spirit of Hope UMC in Englewood. She was also employed by the legacy Rocky Mountain Conference as a layperson. The Service of Death and Resurrection for ...

Please hold David Edwards in your prayers
July 14, 2021

Please hold David Edwards in your prayers as he has been in the hospital in critical condition since last week. David is the spouse of newly retired Pastor Debra Edwards. David and Debra reside in Peoria, AZ.

Family of Bishop John K. Yambasu
August 18, 2020

Prayers for the family of Bishop John K. Yambasu, the Resident Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area who died in a road accident on Aug. 16, 2020 in Sierra Leone. Tributes are pouring in from across the global denomination.

Passing of Claire Childress

Claire Childress, a retired clergy member, passed away on July 2, 2021. Claire served for 22 years in the legacy Rocky Mountain Conference. She and her husband, Keith Thompson, who is also a retired clergyman, attend ...