Prepare for AC

Prepare for AC   


All worship and plenary sessions will include simultaneous AI (artificial intelligence) translation into Korean and Spanish. American Sign Language (ASL) will be available during all 3 worship services.

모든 예배와 본회의는 AI(인공지능)으로 한국어 동시통역이 제공될 것입니다.

Todos los servicios y sesiones plenarias incluirán traducción simultánea al Español AI (Inteligencia Artificial)

Please contact Betty Nguyen at with any questions.

문의할 사항이 있으시다면, Betty Nguyen 으로 연락주시기 바랍니다.

Favor de contactar a Betty Nguyen a con cualquier pregunta.


Available Live Stream Translations: English | Spanish | Korean

Opening Service Bulletin

Memorial Service Bulletin

Memorial 2022 Slides

​Ordination Service Bulletin

Detailed Meeting Space (updated 6/1/22) – print this item before you travel for a detailed list of where each

event will be held, or you can also scan the QR code to the right for immediate mobile access. 

Agenda in Block Form – print this item before you travel for an overview schedule

 Online Agenda – This is the block schedule for online participants (links will be emailed in June) 

 Hotel Airport Shuttle Information – print this information for shuttle information

Voter ID’s – be on the lookout for an email from GNTV in early June with your voter ID for every voting laity and clergy member

Parking in Helena

 Important Action Steps from the MSC General & Jurisdictional Delegation


2022 AC Detailed Agenda - June

 2022 Session Rules (Final Draft 6/9/22)

 2022 June Petitions

MSC38 - Amendment of Flathead Lake Camp Articles of Incorporation

FLUMC State of Montana Certificate of Incorporation

State of Montana Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation

Flathead Camp Bylaws (October, 2019)


MSC39 - An Invitation to Grace-filled Ministry