Presentations and Sermons

Memorial Service Homily from Rev. Deb Olenyik

"God is with us and blesses our gathering.  We come as a people proclaiming healing and hope in life and in death."

A prayer from the Rev. Paul Kottke regarding the closing of four churches this year in the Rocky Mountain Conference:

God of time and history, reminding us continually of the dynamic nature of your Creation and yes of your Church.  Save us from the sin of believing that we create that which is permanent. Only you are the One upon which the past, present, and future build their foundations. The work of our hands live in but a season. We honor the saints who have been faithful before us. We honor the congregations which they built. Their hopes and dreams. Knowing that even though they are no longer,  their spirit flows in & among us, as we strive for new ministries in this day.  We now hand these churches back to you, knowing that the Gospel message is that out of death comes new life.  May it be so.