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IMPORTANT:  2024 Property & Liability Insurance Update

For several years Mountain Sky Conference has shared the risks and costs of insurance using our Conference-wide insurance program. Through that program, Conference Trustees have worked with Church Mutual Insurance Company to ensure that we are all adequately covered from a property standpoint and that our members, guests, and staff are protected if liability issues arise. Over the last four years, as premiums have risen 15-40% per year across the industry, our premium increases have been insulated and held at a maximum of 10%.

Due to unprecedented catastrophic losses in the industry and our Conference, policy issuance has been delayed this year. For some program participants, we will see a shift in the type and level of coverage we are able to obtain through Church Mutual or other partners. Our insurance coordinator, Deirdre McGee, and our Trustees are working alongside Pamela Keeser, our long time Church Mutual local representative, to review all options and secure the best coverage for the best price possible. For most, certain premiums will increase by about 30%.

Church Mutual will be issuing 2024 policies shortly. The date for final decisions on opting out of the program, requesting a change from the minimum coverage standards, etc., is December 1, 2023.

If you are already working with the Mountain Sky team to update coverage options and providers, then please continue communications and be sure to respond to queries as quickly as possible.

If you are anticipating your typical review and update of insurance, please keep the following important details in mind:

Tier levels of coverage will continue. 

  1. The minimum deductible for covered property losses other than wind/hail will be $2,500. This deductible will be higher for churches with total insured values of $5,000,000 or more.
  2. The deductible for covered wind/hail losses in counties considered to be high wind/hail counties will be increased. Please remember that a separate policy is available to cover part of this deductible.

Roof coverage is being changed to actual cash value (subject to depreciation).  If your roof has been replaced within the last 10 years and you would like to request replacement cost coverage for your roof, please contact our account manager at Church Mutual, Pamela Keeser (303-805-3749, as soon as possible with the type of roof covering and age.

  1. Exceptions to minimum coverage standards are available for all Tiers in the Conference-wide Church Mutual program. If you would like to request a new exception, please complete the exception form, and return it to Deirdre McGee at the Conference no later than December 1, 2023. Unfortunately, due to time considerations for processing of policies, requests cannot be accepted after this date. If you have applied for and received approval for an exception in the past, your policy will be renewed with the same exception coverages.
  2. Procedures to opt-out of the Conference-wide program have not changed. The minimum requirements must be met on any replacement policy before an opt-out request can be considered.  The Change Request from Minimum Coverage Standards does not apply to any replacement policies outside of the program.  Opt-out request forms must be completed each year.  If you would like to request consideration to opt out, please complete the appropriate Tier Opt-Out form and submit it no later than December 1, 2023. Please remember that even if you received approval to opt-out in the past, you must still submit a new opt-out form for 2024.
  3. Director’s Officers & Trustees, including Employment Practices Liability, is currently written on a master policy and invoiced by the Mountain Sky Conference.
  4. Workers’ compensation insurance premiums are based on payroll/housing of your employees, including pastors, along with claims experience and rates.  If you are in Montana and Wyoming, your state laws have certain requirements for workers’ compensation insurance to which we are committed to complying.  Information about the Conference workers’ compensation insurance premiums for Colorado and Utah should be available in December.
  5. Free Sensor and Water Temperature Program.  Church Mutual offers free sensors to help churches minimize damages from water or freezing. Please order the free equipment at to help us minimize water claims and disruption of our operations.  The Pull for Police Armed Intruder Emergency Service and Smoke Alarm Notification are free additions when you order and install the main hub. Having these sensors installed will be an important consideration for future insurance reviews, and your enrollment in these free programs will help keep policy costs down for everyone. Please take advantage of these free programs.

If there are no changes you would like to make to your renewal policy, no action is needed on your part. Questions about your tier assignment, building valuations, deductibles, or requests to review any aspect of your coverage should be directed to our account manager, Pamela Keeser (303-805-3749,  Montana/Idaho members who were insured with Church Mutual through an agency prior to January 1, 2020, should contact their local agents.

Please reach out to us or to your District Superintendent with any other questions or concerns your Church may have.

With appreciation for your work in ministry,

Deirdre McGee, Property & Liability Insurance Coordinator

Angela Thomas, Chief Financial Officer

Al Strauss, President, Board of Trustees                                           

Nanci Bockelie, Trustee Insurance Committee

If you have any questions about the 2024 Insurance Program, please contact the Conference Property & Liability Insurance Coordinator, Deirdre McGee at or 303-389-9464.

2024 Property & Liability Insurance Forms:

General Insurance Information and Forms: 

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Liaisons between Property Claims and Trustees:

If you are having problems navigating your property claim with Church Mutual, you can reach out to the following people for assistance. The main number to call is 1-800-554-2642, Option 4, then extension listed below. If you email the person, please copy our local rep Pamela Keeser at pkeeser@churchmutual .com

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Do you know what your wind and hail deductible is? If not, please email Pamela Keeser at Church Mutual via or call 800-554-2642. You can also speak to Pamela if you are interested in the wind/hail buyback policy.

Making Payments for Property and Liability Insurance

Billing statements will be sent directly to your church from Church Mutual.