RMC Clergy Anniversaries

Annually, the Conference Historical Society/Commission on Archives and History honors those observing the 60-, 50-, 40-, 25- and 20- year anniversaries of their ordination as elder, deacon, consecration, and/or full conference membership. If you are celebrating one of these anniversaries this year, please contact Rev. Dick Vickery at ravickeryjr@cs.com so your name can be added to the list, and your anniversary observance can be listed at the Clergy Session of the 2018 Joint Annual Conference on Friday June 8.

Several clergy members of the Annual Conference will celebrate significant anniversaries of their ordination as elders as well as reception into conference membership at the 2018 session. These anniversaries include:

  • 60 years (1958): Frank Oliver Gunter, James Clarence Robinson, Robert Joseph Spears
  • 50 years (1968): James E. Whatthoff
  • 40 years (1978): Gary Ray Goettel, James William Moore, Paul Gordon Rider, Stephen J. Sidorak, Jr., Gary L. Wilkin
  • 25 years (1983): Leslie Scott Barnett,  Charles T. Thompson
  • 20 years (1998): Donald Bailey, Mary Virginia Bettendorf, Russell Butler, Charles Ohlin Herrington, Barbara Ann Johns-Schleicher, Thomas Johnson, Leslie L. Ludham, Linda Marie Pelletier, Bruce A. Sage, Rebekah Ellen Simon Peter, Joyce Snapp

If you have any questions about clergy anniversaries, please contact Rev. Dick Vickery at ravickeryjr@cs.com.