RMC Lay Leader Candidates

Photo of Jim BesseeJim Bessee

Given our change to greater energy of the conference to the local church, I see our task needs to be seriously seeking and communicating the needs of the local church to be vibrant disciples of Jesus Christ. This requires the churches honestly evaluating where they are now, where they want to be and helping them get there. A giant task, but with God's help, one we can accomplish.



Curtis Gay

Photo of Curtis GayMy vision for the laity in the Rocky Mountain Conference is to utilize our toolkit (quadrilateral & discipline) and local church members to discern, embrace, and disseminate a new expression of United Methodism’s relationship with the Trinity that appeals to a broader community.  Accept and communicate what is working and what is not working.  Be water.  If someone else can buy our churches and be successful – why can’t we?





Doug Palmer

Photo of Doug PalmerMy vision for the laity of the Rocky Mountain Conference is to live out our calling, as stated in the Discipline, to be “active advocates of the gospel of Jesus Christ… to carry out the Great Commission…[and] to be missional” (Paragraph 127). To do so, I want to work within the existing lay leadership structure to seek-out and call-in laity to positions of ministry and leadership that fit their gifts and graces. I want to ensure that all laity have the training and knowledge to feel supported in their calling. In particular, I want to work with and support laity at the margins of the church to ensure that they receive preexisting resources to support their ministry and find or develop new resources to address new challenges. Lastly, I want to intentionally reach out and learn from laity across the conference to authentically support and represent their needs and desires. 



Brenda Schafer

Photo of Brenda SchaferMy vision for the RMC laity is to strengthen our leadership in our churches, districts and conference; working hand-in-hand with our clergy. Supporting each other builds synergy and makes our organizations stronger. As Christians, we are all called to be ministers, and I believe our gifts and graces are needed to make a difference in today's world. We can lead this change by embodying love to all we encounter. Our laity’s essential role is to provide energy to the church, aiding in the building of Christ's kingdom with love and grace. We as laity are needed to be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth. We are one body but many parts. The laity provides an important connection, making us a stronger witness in our communities. We are called to love one another. Let’s get moving Mountain Sky Area, I’m excited about the change we can make, together!


Gayla Slauson

Photo of Gayla SlausonMy vision for the laity in the Conference is to live into and embrace their individual ministries in and outside of the church, to grow together with one another and clergy through effective teamwork, and to find ways to listen to multiple perspectives while wisely discerning best practices for operations and outreach.