Rules, Petitions & Elections



*NEW! The Rocky Mountain Conference adopted Consent Calendar A, which included the following legislation: AC01, AC02, AC03, AC04, AC05 and AC06. The conference also adopted Consent Calendar B, which included GC01. Petition AC11 was ordered on motion to be referred to the Board of Trustees.

Click to download descriptions of the 2015 Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Petitions


Click to download the 2015 Proposed Rules of the Conference

Click to download the 2015 Proposed Standard Rules and Operational Procedures

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*NEW! The following laity and clergy were elected to represent the Rocky Mountain Conference during the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conferences:

General Conference Laity

General Conference Clergy

Jurisdictional Conference Laity

Jurisdictional Conference Clergy

Doug Palmer - Chair

Kent Ingram - Chair

Harvey Tukutau

Skip Strickland

Kunle Taiwo

Brad Laurvick

Margaret Hotze

Cathie Kelsey

Reasa Currier

Megan Armstrong

Judy Hill

Jessica Rooks



Liwliwa Robledo

Eric Smith



Glenna Brayton

Michael Dent



Diana Huerta

Sione Tukutau


Alternate Laity to Jurisdictional Conference

Alternate Clergy to Jurisdictional Conference

Laurie Day

Elizabeth McVicker

Ruth Wills

Jerry Herships

Curtis Gay

Melanie Rosa

Click to download the election procedures for the 2016 General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegates


See the General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegate Candidates and Statements of Availability

Read this: 2016 General and Western Jurisdictional Conference Delegate Information

Please email any questions to Rev. Elizabeth McVicker, Conference Secretary, at

Click here to read about the election of lay and clergy delegates for General and Jurisdictional Conference from the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Download a Statement of Availability form for election as a lay delegate to the 2015 General or Jurisdictional Conferences representing the Rocky Mountain Conference.