Shared Futures Committee 2015

The CHARGE from Bishop Elaine to this area-wide team of leaders: What vision of vital ministry do the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Conference share? Is there value in the two conference pursuing vital ministry together?

The Shared Futures Committee brought recommendations to Bishop Elaine to move forward with two groups.

  • Leadership that builds a NEW ANNUAL CONFERENCE MODEL AND IDENTITY which moves BEYOND MERGER to a simplified ORGANIZATION, focusing on the basic responsibilities of an annual conference so that resources are freed for new uses.  This group will bring a petition to the 2016 Annual Conference sessions and to the Western Jurisdictional Conference, July 13-16, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Questions that might guide the work:

  1. What form of denomination will serve us well for the next 50 years?
  2. What impediments or constraints are we working with that are not necessary? What set of rules and principles frame a new identity while we experiment?
  • Leadership that identifies ways that the new Annual Conference can cultivate ministry to spread WESLEYAN VITALITY in the MISSION FIELD ... both in congregational and non-congregational ways.

Questions that might guide the work:

  1. What do we need to live in the post-denominational world, given the generational shifts, distances, and demographics?
  2. What values and principles do we follow?
  3. What new forms of Wesleyan witness are emerging?

The Mountain Sky Shared Futures Committee:

Yellowstone Conference: Dave McConnell (Bozeman, MT), Co-Chair; Doug Morton (Great Falls, MT); Margaret Nowak (Chester, MT); Debbie Schmidt (Whitefish, MT); Jeremy Scott (Billings, MT); Alice Swett (Buffalo, WY); David Burt (Billings, MT), Staff

Rocky Mountain Conference: Janet Forbes (Highlands Ranch, CO), Co-Chair; Steve Burnett (Colorado Springs, CO); Chris Frasier (Denver, CO); Kristi Kinnison (Greenwood Village, CO); Elizabeth McVicker (Cheyenne, WY); Doug Palmer (Niwot, CO); Youngsook Kang (Greenwood Village, CO), Staff

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky

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The Shared Futures Committee for the Mountain Sky Area was formed following a recommendation from the Yellowstone Annual Conference in the fall of 2014 to enter into serious conversation about merger.

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The Shared Futures Committee, comprising members of the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Conferences, met twice since its formation to discern God's calling for this new relationship. Read the article on the committee's first meeting in February 2015.