Staff Directory


Bishop Karen Oliveto
Resident Bishop, Mountain Sky Episcopal Area
(303) 733-0083

Episcopal Office

Natalie Marionneaux
Executive Assistant to the Bishop
(303) 733-0083

Leadership Development & Connectional Ministry

Annie Arnoldy
Superintendent of Leadership Development and Director of Connectional Ministry
(303) 389-9459
Amanda Daniell
(she/her/hers) -- Coordinator of Young People's Ministries and Camping Ministry
(303) 389-9478
Kaitlin Kahrs
BOM & Laity Administrative Assistant
(303) 396-6149
Jared O'Kegley-Gibson
MSC Event Manager Executive Assistant to Leadership Development
(303) 389-9455
Court VonLindern
Designer for NextGen and Inclusiveness Ministries
(303) 226-0786

Congregational & Community Vitality

Elisa Anne
Intern – Community Engagement and Leadership Development
Dawn Lemons
Program Assistant and Resource Coordinator
(303) 389-9496
David Merkel
Worship Developer
(720) 617-2484
Mike Moore
Disaster Resiliency Program Coordinator (Funded by UMCOR Grant)
Janet Mulroy
Mission Engagement and Resource Strategist
(720) 779-8647
Betty Nguyen
Multicultural and Advocacy Ministries Developer
(303) 389-9462
Jeff Rainwater
Superintendent of Congregational and Community Vitality
(303) 389-9496

Communications & Support Staff

Mitchell Troyer
Communications Associate
(303) 325-7052
Evelyn Warren
Communications Director
(303) 325-7054

Responsible Stewardship

Jana Collins
Benefits & Human Resources Manager
(303) 325-7050
Julie Gladney
Administrative Support Services Manager
(303) 325-7048
Deirdre McGee
Property and Liability Insurance Coordinator
(303) 389-9464
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
Angela Thomas
Chief Financial Officer
(303) 325-7051
Colleen Wakeley
Accounting Coordinator
(720) 779-1646
Laura Winberg
Senior Accountant
(303) 389-9488

District Superintendents

Mark Calhoun
Superintendent, Wyoming District
Chris Carr
Superintendent, Trinity District
(720) 881-9354
Lynn Miller Jackson
District Superintendent, Montana West District
(406) 272-6367
Jessica Rooks
Superintendent, Mile High Metro District
(303) 389-9456
Skip Strickland
Superintendent, Utah/Western Colorado District
(720) 881-9348
Tezenlo Thong
Superintendent, Peaks and Pikes Peak District
(720) 881-9669
Jan Witman
Superintendent, Montana East District
(720) 881-9148

District Staff

Bill Barksdale
Congregational Resource Minister, Montana West
Emma Bridgeman
District Administrator, Montana
Megan Burg
Congregational Resource Minister, Mile High Metro
(303) 917-5208
Sandi Castro
District Administrator, Peaks/Pikes Peak
(303) 325-7046
Leslie Chamberlin
District Administrator, Trinity
(719) 546-1523
Jamielee Demske
Congregational Resource Minister, Montana East
(262) 395-3141
Sherry Ferriman
Congregational Resource Minister, Peaks/Pikes Peak
(720) 673-8988
Stephanie Moffitt
Mile High Metro / Wyoming District Administrator
(307) 333-4557
Major Rettig
Congregational Resource Minister, Trinity
(303) 256-9533
Sarah Rettig
Congregational Resource Minister, Trinity
(720) 226-3566
Mary Lou Storey
District Administration Manager and District Administrator, Utah/Western Colorado
(801) 363-3882
Roger Wolsey
Congregational Resource Minister, Utah/Western Colorado
(720) 617-9691