Telling the Story Video Contest


Video Contest: Homelessness and the Beloved Community

The Boards of Discipleship for the Mountain Sky Area invite you to submit a video – no more than 3 minutes in length – that shows how your church is involved with the homeless in your community. It will be a reflection of this year’s annual conference theme: "Safety, Homelessness, and Justice".

To help structure your video so the information is useful for other churches, we suggest you address one or more of these four questions:

  1. How do we, as a local church in our community, begin to get involved?
  2. For those churches already involved, what have we learned so far?
  3. How can we moved from a ministry of mercy (providing shelter, food, etc.) to a ministry of justice (addressing the core, structural reasons we have homelessness in our community)?
  4. Whether the energy for this effort in the church comes from the pastor or from laity, it can cause friction within the church so how does this get done without threatening my relationship (or my appointment/career) with the congregation?

Entries must be submitted by May 12, with the winners being announced at the 2018 Annual Conference Session in Ogden in June. Prizes of $500, $250, $150 and $50 will be awarded to support your church’s project.

The best way to submit your video is to upload it to the conference Facebook pages:

We are not looking for professional videos, but videos will be judged on how well they address one or more of the four questions above and also how well they can excite people and churches about the ways they can address homelessness in their community. Videos that are more than 3 minutes in length will be “penalized” for excessive length.

Still have questions? Contact Dan O’Neill at