Transferring into Mountain Sky Conference

The Mountain Sky Conference consists of four states (Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming) with 300+ churches. Only a small fraction of those congregations are in Denver and the Front Range of CO. Much of the Conference is in rural "hub" areas, like Grand Junction, CO., Billings, MT, or Salt Lake City, UT. Some are truly rural, for instance 50+ miles from the nearest Wal-Mart. 

If you are unwilling to serve across our entire geographic area, or you have other circumstances (such as family needs), you will need to complete a Limited Itineracy Request form and include with other documents. This may significantly reduce opportunities for appointment.

Clergy or candidates for ministry who are interested in serving United Methodist churches in the Mountain Sky Conference should contact Stephanie Kidwell,

Please be sure to read the Protocol to Request an Appointment prior to contacting the Stephanie.

Transfer of membership to the Mountain Sky Conference occurs only after serving under appointment in this area for one or more years.

Please refer to the Transfer Protocol below that references your circumstances. 

Please note: All necessary transfer forms can be found here:

 Homepage/Administration/Forms/Transferring into the Mountain Sky Conference.