United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM)

The primary purpose of the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) is to live out their faith by serving on short-term projects to create long term relationships with communities throughout the world.  It exists to promote, encourage, and enable Christians to exemplify "Christian Love In Action". Volunteers are laity, clergy, young, old, and have different abilities and vocations.


  1. Jesus said, “Go and serve”. Get your feet dusty.
  2. Make a meaningful difference in the life of someone in need.
  3. Renew your faith.
  4. Work and worship alongside your brothers and sisters whose faith withstands the trials of poverty and major disasters.
  5. Expand your awareness of how other people survive in the world.


  • The connection with people and places that have asked for help.
  • The connection with other UMVIM teams and people who have answered the call to mission.
  • The link for us to build bridges, develop relationships, through cross-cultural experiences.
  • The training for teams to go and serve God where they are called.


  • Outreach ministries to people who are homeless, hungry, or in poverty;
  • Medical and dental needs
  • Construction, repair homes, schools, hospitals, churches especially after a disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake;
  • Assisting with programs for children and youth, e.g., Vacation Bible Schools;
  • Teaching and tutoring, vocational skills such as sewing, farming, or other school work;
  • Disasters both through Early Response Teams (ERT) and Long Term Recovery (LTR) Teams

To learn more, contact the Mountain Sky Conference UMVIM Coordinator, Rev. Jean Schwien.

This link will provide lists of national and international projects and teams.