Leadership Development: Relaunching church: Not going back to normal


Relaunch: Not Going Back to Normal - Peaks New Ministry Council webinar July 21, 2020 hosted by Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church

Background: As we consider what we do next and where we go from here, we all realize there is no going back to how it was. We are happy to present content and some time for discussion and peer learning about how to Relaunch. What does the new future of hospitality look like? What does it look like to offer connection for people who may have never been to our buildings and may never participate in that way, and yet find a spiritual home in our virtual worlds? Join us for this Level Up Leadership Event provided to you by the Peaks New Ministry Council. Invite your team, plan to gain something you can use right away, or for the future when we return. Hospitality, streaming, marketing, engagement, relaunch, just a few ways we will spend the time together.

Agenda for Training Event: 9:0010:30
Trey Hall 10:3011:00
Jeff Rainwater 11:0012:00
Breakout Sessions Engagement Marketing Streaming/Re-Launch 12:00
Lunch 12:302:00
Rachel Gilmore

See the flyer: https://www.mtnskyumc.org/files/table...